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The “BiomassNet” Dgroup aims to promote dialogue and cooperation amongst individuals and organisations working in food and non-food biomass production, processing and trading in African countries. Our vision is to enhance food security and to support the emerging bio-economies in African countries through sustainable, productive and efficient biomass-based value webs and land use systems. The Dgroup welcomes all stakeholders who are interested in research and development issues related to biomass in Africa, such as scientists, policy makers, local, regional and national authorities, practitioners, civil society and development organisations. The issues raised can refer to the broad range of food and non-food aspects of biomass, e.g., from agricultural production and nutritional value to innovative processing techniques and market analyses.

The “BiomassNet” Dgroup has been initiated by the Forum for Agriculture in Africa (FARA) and the project BiomassWeb: “Improving food security in Africa through increased system productivity of biomass-based value webs”. BiomassWeb is jointly funded by the German Ministries of Education and Research (BMBF) and Ecomonic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

How does it work?

The “BiomassNet“ Dgroup is different from a mailing list because all communication is facilitated by moderators who bundle information and make sure that only relevant information goes out to the group. Once you have joined the “BiomassNet” Dgroup and received a confirmation email, please click on “Set new password” in order to log into the website. This will enable you to explore the list of members, to develop your personal profile and to access the Dgroup library. You will also be able to participate in Dgroup discussions and may raise your own discussion in coordination with the Dgroup moderators.

Why join the “BiomassNet” Dgroup?

  • Be part of an emerging pan-African expert network on food and non-food biomass issues
  • Share information and raise questions
  • Get to know individuals and organisations involved in biomass-related reasearch and development activities in Africa

About Dgroups

Dgroups is an online platform for individuals and organisations working in international development. It started in 2002 and in 2009, the Dgroups Foundation was established in the Netherlands as a non-profit foundation.

Dgroups supports the establishement of online communities in order to promote dialogue among key stakeholders in international development through a non-commercial, reliable and accessible communication tool. By using email as the core of its operations, Dgroups is especially useful for non-profit organisations and low bandwidth users.